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Our parent participation collaborative homeschool co-op is limited to 12 students and is FREE sans splitting the rental costs to use the facility and to buy school supplies.


Please contact us for more info. 

Click here to start the enrollment process. 

After-school Tutoring:

We offer group and private tutoring. Private tutoring is $50/hr. Group rates are $25 per student per hour.

Please contact us today for more information and to schedule a consultation. 

After-School Co-Study Club: 

A nice quiet place to work on whatever is needed with teachers present to assist. Go run some errands and we'll help get their homework done, $25 an hour.

Tutoring Tuesdays:

Once a week check-in for homeschool families. 9am-12pm $68

Upper Elementary Book Club:

Join us for our Book Club! This club is open to students in grades 4-6. We will read one book, create an interactive journal, meet several times to discuss, come up with a thesis, learn proper paragraph structure and end with an essay. Besides group discussions, each student will have one on one time with Ms Natalie to discuss their essays, along with phone call check-in to make sure they are on the right track as they read at home. $95 per session, takes about a month.

Mr Trevor's Music Classes:

Guitar, Ukulele, or Keyboard

Private Lessons on site: $55/hr 


Youth Yoga: 

$25 for an hour class. Current schedule is on our homepage.

Chess Club:

$25 per player for an hour and a half class. Current schedule is on our homepage.

Pop-up Enrichment:

You can find our current offerings on the main page. Whether it's art in the park, birding, or mushroom hunting, there is always something new to experience. $35 per student 

Homeschool Consulting: 

Please contact us for a private how-to meeting or sign up for one of our advertised meet-ups. Let us take the stress out of homeschool record keeping or charter meetings. You can do this!

$50 for a 45 minute meeting, with emailed notes and a follow up phone call included.



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