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A space to learn and a room to grow

We are a Montessori inspired tutoring center and resource for families who want to think outside the box. 

After our son struggled with Kindergarten on Zoom we decided to dive deep into our educational philosophies and when we took an active role in what our children were learning, we watched our entire family become inspired. There is a freedom in taking charge of your child's education and let me tell you it's wild! 

For our family the flexibility and connection we began to love about the crazy 2020's lead us to homeschooling. Even as a credentialed teacher though, sometimes I want assistance in certain areas, math is definitely not my strong suit. I started to realise that a lot of other homeschool families might feel the same and traditional structured tutoring centers were just not appealing to me... thus Academy Tutoring was born and the community we refer to as The Wild and Free Academy. 

Our philosophy is simple. We want to create life-long learners who don't view education as a tedious chore, aka traditional tutoring at tables filling out worksheet after worksheet. 

Learning the right answers may get a child through school, but learning how to become an independent thinker will take her anywhere. We want our children to think critically, not simply memorise, feedback, and forget. Rather than presenting our kids with the right answers, we want to lead them to ask their own questions and to discover how to find the answers for themselves.

I've always loved the fluidity of Montessori Style learning. Lumping children together by age in a closed classroom hinders a child's full potential so all of our programs and events, even group tutoring sessions, are designed with multi-age learning in mind. This concept gives children a little more flexibility when it comes to mastering skills within a specific timeframe. Learning is not linear, and children have periods of specific growth, plateaus, and even the occasional regression and in this type of environment they are typically able to work at their own pace without the added pressure of keeping up with the whole group, or for some not being held back.

Perhaps my favorite part of multi-age learning is watching leaders shine. Children often learn best from one another, and they seek to do so naturally. Younger students watch as older kids enjoy advanced, challenging work, and this inspires them. They look to the older children for guidance, and the older children are happy to provide it. 

Our intentionally designed learning center is in a quiet commercial space, surrounded by a residential community in South Vista. We utilise an open concept without desks and tests, but learning areas thoughtfully designed to tap into different modes of learning. Low shelving, a Montessori favourite, draws students in and each area leads them through a particular subject. 

We invite you to explore our site and discover the academics and community our learning centre provides to each and every student. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour, learn more about our collaborative co-op enrollment, tutoring options, homeschool support, or to ask any other questions.

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